The new year is a time for change, a time for making plans to enact that change, and a time for setting standards of success for determining when that change has been achieved. While weight loss and health-related goals typically rank among the most common of desired achievements for a new year, making life changes around one’s career, financial opportunities, and cash flow strategies are right up there. As such, there’s no better time for us to launch our new real estate investing blog.


Welcome to Real Estate 360 Pro’s inaugural blog for the new year. As Atlanta’s established and trusted real estate investment educators of choice, we hope that you’ll find the tips, strategies, concepts, and industry news contained in our blog helpful as you navigate your real estate investment journey.


In today’s blog, we’ll introduce you to our real estate investment company and help you learn a little more about the ways that you can take advantage of our nearly two decades in the real estate investing space. Let’s get started

Your Experienced Real Estate Investment Coaching Team

At Real Estate 360 Pro, we understand the power of real estate investing in terms of creating financial security, an opportunity for your family, and a work-life balance that allows you to spend your time in the ways that are most rewarding to you — all without the need to work in a traditional, soul-sucking environment.


Our lead real estate investment strategist, Jason Myers, has almost two decades of experience in the real estate investing and house flipping industries. Over that time, lessons have been learned — some harder than others — and success has been achieved. So much so that our team has even been tapped to create and publish work for other trusted names in the real estate investment space such as Robert Allen, Daymond John, and The Flipping Formula.

Real Estate Investment Classes For All Levels Of Experience

While the information, education, and practical advice that Real Estate 360 Pro has to offer is extremely beneficial for those just getting started — or who want to get started — in the house flipping and real estate investing space, our educational real estate investing courses have something to offer investors of all levels of experience.


We know that taking the first step in the real estate investing journey can be daunting and a bit confusing, but we believe that the best first step begins with investing in yourself with classes from Real Estate 360 Pro


By taking some time to learn the principles, pitfalls, and pivotal decision-making moments in the real estate investment cycle, you help to set yourself up for success in all your future real estate investments from rental units to flipping houses. 

Real Estate Investing Podcasts For Continued Learning

Life and work both move at a fast pace, and that can be more true for aggressive real estate investors than it is for your average person working behind a desk while grinding through their nine to five job. However, at Real Estate Pro 360 we realize that you’ve moved away from that role — or maybe are currently in the midst of the shift — because you want to have more control over your own time.


That’s the entire reason that we have developed our Real Estate 360 Pro podcast series. Whether you are on the go between visiting properties you potentially want to purchase or you are looking for a way to gain empowering knowledge on the long commute you’re hoping to leave behind sooner, rather than later, our podcast is a great option.

Get Started With Real Estate 360 Pros Today

Keep your eyes out for more helpful blogs from the team at Real Estate 360 Pro, or get started with real estate investing education with us today and take the first step towards becoming your own blog.